Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Just waking up on Thursday, we'll see what today brings, she has allowed me to give her milk  and touch her leg (without waving me off, or making this big scrunchy face she gives me when she wants me gone lol), and she is smiling slightly at me, so baby steps!! She is very much like her Momma NOT  a morning person, so to be so warm to me so early is a great sign!  Two more days here and we get to join the rest of our group, we LONG for that day.. a few extra prayers for us today, would be greatly appreciated!! this is our HUMP day ... 1/2 way there but so ready to be done!  Tomorrow will be very busy with gather paperwork, and going to the airport, it will fly but today is our last isolated empty day. We are going to venture out for a nice long walk to this little outside village in Wuhan, get a taste of her culture... we've had enough of the 'taste' of the air here - SMOG (remember the first day of the Beijing olympics! If you watched the coverage you know what I"M talking about lol my lungs are screaming for mercy).   We had a long day yesterday with many trials and tribulations  -- but also TRIUMPHS!   This is far harder than either of us ever imagined, but I think that is good that we didn't come with any knowledge of what to expect - we are just taking it moment by moment, prayerfully encountering all that this adventure holds.  We just had a little impromptu game of roll the car back and forth - that was fun!!   Ok off to shower, and begin our day -- thank you again for all your words of encouragement and prayers - we'd be lost without them!!!


  1. Hi Allison and Kevin~
    Sarah and I just loved reading your blog today. We did not get a chance yesterday. We have been coming together as a family to pray for your incredible journey. God has laid you on each and every DeLuca heart. Sarah says that faith is ADORABLE and I totally agree with her. Thanks for sharing this walk of faith to Faith. Extra prayers being said for hump day.
    With Love and prayers

  2. You'll be home before you know it! Remember that God has such awesome plans for you & your family! Think back to when Ian was a baby how clingy he was... now it's Kevin's turn! Allison, you ARE such an awesome MOM! Faith will soon figure this out! Kevin, I'll be nice to you! God has planned this all the way through! Keep in HIS Peace!
    Love you both~ Kelly

  3. Hi Allison, Kevin and Faith,

    I'm just catching up with your blog and I can just about imagine being there with you on this wondeful journey. I also LOVE the pictures. Faith looks so very happy and her expressions are priceless.

    We continue to surround you in prayer and in love. I love hearing that you are just enjoying the moment and not anticipating because that's exactly what God wants you to do....see Mt 6:34

    Love,Karen & Joe

  4. Thank you all for reading along, and for your comments, they are light to our hearts when we read them!! Karen I had share with you how much your cards have been a blessing each day, but today's was particularly amazing. As you have read we've had a few challenging days, we are very isolated here, and sometimes that can play tricks with your psyche and attitude. We turned to ardent prayer last night, and this morning - then began our day, was i was searching for clothes in my suitcase I remembered it was a new day, hence a NEW CARD! I just knew that God was going to use it today to lift us, and to make known His loving presense, SO I prayed for a word from Him as I opened it... there were it was: THERE ARE GREATER THINGS THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE AHEAD OF YOU... AND THERE'S A GREAT GOD WALKING BESIDE YOU! then inside.. I KNOW HIS PURPOSE IS AT WORK WITHIN YOU, AS HE'S GUIDING YOUR LIFE WITH WISDOM AND LOVE. Amen!! amen!!
    thank you so much for this special palanca -- it has meant so much!! God Bless you all, we love you and can't wait to introduce our daughter to you!

  5. Kevin Allison and Faith,
    We have all been reading and enjoying the pictures and the littles can't wait to meet Faith.... Luke keeps looking for you all to show up!
    Know, even when we aren't writing we are thinking and praying for you!
    Hugs and Kisses
    Frank Karen and all the rest!