Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Focusing on the Positive

First let me say I JUST love when someone catches me on love online and IM me, that is awesome! I have had some of the most amazing talks, and all of them PERFECTLY timed uplifts!!  More signs that God is in control of this journey.

So Today I'm focusing not on the struggles and difficulties but what is going right!! Its all part of the rollercoaster, when I count my blessings, they far outweigh any of the trials we are facing here.   That being said here's what we are Praising God for in thanksgiving for his loving province and protection:
     We are here, safe and sound, we were able to get her early Monday morning with no problems -- and we didn't die in the car rides, we didn’t lose the stupid wad of cash they made us bring, we are veryu healthy and were NOT quarantined (oh there is no spell check on this so bare with me) coming into the country or upon arriving in Wuhan, we are not fighting - as we can be prone to do in HIGH STRESS situations (I guess we are growing up lol), we are really working well as a team. She lets me do just about all her caretaking so I am part of the picture not sitting on the outskits looking but truly serving an important and HUMBLING roll!!  Another upside to her wanting more daddy time -- I get more computer time then Kevin, which everyone who knows my Facebook addiction can appreciate.  Another thing I can not fail to mention and PRAISE God's holy name in is that... She could have rejected us both and be at the hotel door screaming the whole time, bagging and trying to escape, and we could both be staring at each other praying for a way to comfort here. Instead, she is safe and happy with daddy, and that is a miracle, and a blessing! She accepts all my offers for caretaking - food, toileting (OH I need to blog about toileting here its hysterical), doing her hair, giving her baths, and wiping her nose! My prayer was that she would somehow know we were here to care for, protect, and love her.  IT is obvious that she does, through the GRACE of God, know that!!  


  1. p.s. PLEASE ignore my spelling and grammar mistakes, or things that don't seem to make any sense together in the same blog!! I'm not re-reading them (obviously) - I have a good excuse though!! I am making sure whenever Ms. FengHua will accept my help or play that I'm there , so sometimes I leave my blog 1/2 finished, or send it as is :) I KNOW nobody cares, or perhaps noticed but as an English major when I re-read these it will make nuts !! LOL glad though I have my priorities straight!!

  2. Allison, don't even worry about the grammar! We're just so excited to come along for the ride.

    Be kind to yourself! These are highly emotional days and while you're right to count your blessings, also remember that it is a rollercoaster, and you probably won't be able to process much of it until much later. Breathe. Remember that as you crossed the Earth to claim your daughter and pour love over her, so too did your Father for you. You're His own dear daughter, precious and perfect. See yourself through His eyes. Be well!