Saturday, September 25, 2010

Communicating with Faith

I'm slowly learning to communicate with Faith.  We can tell each other a few things like:

  • She can let me know it's time to go potty
  • I can tell her to stay here 
  • I can ask her if she wants a drink or food and she can tell me when she wants those things.
  • I can tell her I love her.
  • Can tell her when it's time for bed.
  • Am able to say be careful.
  • Tell her to throw away some trash and clean up when she's done.
  • She loves to tell me it's bath time.
  • She tells me she want's to play and can even add things like ball to that sentence if she wants to play soccer.
  • I can easily communicate when I'm angry, sad, happy etc... facial expressions are so important.
There are many more things we can communicate.  There are also some frustrating times communicating for both of us.  The other day she was trying to tell me something and I had no clue and it was clear she was getting angry when I just kept signing "what?".

There are also times, like when we were in Plymouth the other night, where I was communicating verbally with Ian and Adam and realized I was leaving her out.  Those are the times when I get frustrated, I want to have these long conversations with her and I realize my lack of sign language prevents that, I need to keep it simple for now if Allison isn't around.

We still have a lot of fun, it's amazing what you can communicate without anything verbal or even signed.  The language of fun is indeed universal!
For some reason running around cracks her up.  She was running around in Plymouth on September 23 and laughing hysterically!
That's a two part sign for smile, I wanted to take her picture so I signed smile to her.  She was quick to copy me!

All the pictures of that night are here:


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Allison has gotten involved as a guest blogger on Sensational Homeschooling in honor of Deaf Awareness Week!

Check it out at the link below!

And what would a post be without a picture?