Saturday, August 14, 2010

More stuff about Faith

We have been taking Faith to a lot of appointments lately!  Her ultrasound on her kidneys are normal so her genetic issues regarding deafness won't be worst.  Apparently if her kidneys turned up anything then things would be bad and eventually she could lose her eyesight as well!

The Dr. thinks that Faith may have slight Autism, Allison has noticed it too.  I guess my ignorance is bliss!  She will also need a lot of physical therapy to help her to start walking better.  She still walks around like a little drunk Chinese kid!

I went out and got a pool for her and AJ earlier this summer, not sure if I blogged that yet.  They absolutely love it and with the heat we have had it's been great.  I've even been known to sit in it and relax from time to time!

We are off to my company picnic today.  They have carnival rides, free food, games and all sorts of things.  Should be interesting trying to chase her around there, we will be bringing the stroller for when we need a break!  I can't wait to take her on the big slide, you know the one with the potato sacks. AJ is very much looking forward to it!  Ian is at a Catholic Middle School leadership retreat this weekend at St. Thecla's in Billrica.  He's having fun so far, at least that's what his phone msg said last night.

Oh well, signing off for now....KG.