Friday, November 6, 2009


Finally the last leg of the Journey is here!  We are at the White Swan hotel in Guanzhou.  It's a far cry from the Marco Polo in Wuhan but it will do!  The bed was like sleeping on a king size piece of plywood!  Kind of tired but the hot shower felt great!

Faith didn't mind the plane ride at all.  Kind of like takeoff and landing.  Only three more takeoffs and landings till Boston MA!!!  Today we go see the Dr. and maybe Faith gets some vaccinations (hope not).

Ian and Adam seem to be doing great back at home, that's awesome - thanks to all of you who have been taking care of them while we are gone, it helps put our minds at ease knowing they are in such capable hands.

I'm sure Allison will be blogging today as well so I'll end here.

Peace and Love to all back home!

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  1. OK, so you really made the big brother proud, and brought an occasional tear to my eye - in a good way!