Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another day - another story

It is Tuesday, Nov. 3rd 1:06 p.m. (just barely Tuesday in the States - I'm still working on the time change!! good thing I splurged on the new watch with 2 time zones!! OR I'd be totally lost!!

so this morning we got up early (AGAIN) to take another harrowing ride to the Chinese Adoption bureau.  I feel like its time to describe being a passenger in China -- frightening comes to mind.  It's amazing the whole country isn't Christian by the amount of prayer I feel it takes to even step into a car here!!  Staying with in the lines is optional, changing lines when you feel it apparently commonplace, they must go through 3 or 4 set of brakes a year!  Everyone brakes and beeps, and goes about their business like they are the only one on the road - yet somehow remarkably get to their destinations!!  The speeds aren't very high, since we are in big cities, the only saving grace -- plus did I mention the PRAYER!!

We have to go back out Thursday and Friday both times we've hired car services, as they use VANS, and you feel a wee bit safer!  Boy do I long for the HUGE bus we enjoyed traveling in Beijing with the rest of our group!!  Thursday we travel to the registration office to look over our adoption certificate... NO stress there, we were told, "IF there is anything wrong on it when you get to Guanzhou, you will bare the expense of returning to Wuhan to fix it" GULP - um just having to FLY back gives me the horrors -- so PLEASE EXTRA PRAYERS we don't miss anything!!!!  Friday we return to the Adoption office for her Passport, then off to the airport and to the final leg of this amazing journey... but that is still a few days away...

So what was today like - we went to the adoption office to sign papers, including answering questions on why we wished to adopt from China -- I wish I could just gush to this woman that God called me to it, and that this has been a dream put on my heart since I was a young girl to not only adopt a Chinese daughter, but that I've always known she'd be deaf.  The answers need to be carefully worded as to not trigger the official to revoke your right to adopt.  I gushed instead on how much we've always wanted a daughter, that we admire the Chinese people and culture, and are honored to have a Chinese daughter.  Though I sat across from her with my crucifix and miraculous medal around my neck - which I did contemplate not bringing.  Although after I had the opportunity to bring the medals, Faith's picture and my rosary beads to pray on a relic of Saint Padre Pio -- I KNEW they all had to come with me!

Faith's little buddy from her orphanage (they were fostered next door to each other) was also being adopted today.  His name is Yan yan, and he is going to a lovely family in Sweden, he will have a 5 year old sister, who was also adopted from China, and who ADORES her new brother already.  We exchanged emails to help the kids stay connected!  So cool!  He has one deformed ear, but is not deaf.  Yesterday they were brought together to the adoption office, and chased each other around on riding toys.  Faith was quick to share everything she found, including 2 little basketballs.  What she didn't wish to give back was his new remote to the remote control firetruck!  Finally, mommy , a trained preschool professional, came to the rescue (sensing a BRAWL on the horizon) offering her the new Kai Lan doll in exchange for the remote.  Phew, she was cool with the trade - emergency diverted!!

I'll end with the coolest thing that happened today - we were finally able to teach Faith 'kisses', for 2 days when we puckered up to her, she stared at us like we were crazy! The breakthrough went something like this... Mom:  puckered up and sent a few air kisses. Dad: pointed to his cheek on the Mommy side.  Mommy planted a kiss on his cheek.  Faith: Miss Copycat (yeah sorta lol), followed suit and kissed Daddy's cheek.  Then Mom: puckered up towards Faithy, who then puckered up too.  Mom leaned forward, Faith leaned and planted my first KISS!! From my precious daughter on my lips!! and to be sure got it, I selfishly went back for  second -- sweet!! she got it - 2 kisses, and a big smile!!  And so the bonding baby steps continue!!

More later -- we finally get to Skype and introduce our newest child, to our preexisting children!!  We can't wait!!

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