Saturday, November 7, 2009

Take a live angry squid to the Dr. Office.

Ok, so everybody has been telling us how happy they are that we blog this stuff so you can feel like you are a part of this journey.

Today we had to bring Faith to the Clinic thingy in Guangzhou so I want to make this an interactive thing for everyone today who really wants to feel our experience full on.  Here's what you do:
1) Get a large 50 pound alive squid.
2) Take it to an office, it can be any office you want doesn't matter.
3) Sit with it for 2 hours and try to keep it calm.
4) Now get the squid ticked off.  Very ticked off.  For Faith it was 5 shots and seeing toys that didn't look clean enough to play with.  Perhaps for the squid you could show it a fish (do squid eat fish)?  Any way it helps if the squid is hungry and you show it the fish, but don't let the squid get the fish.  Is it really really agitated now?  It has to be squirming like crazy, not just mildly agitated.  When it is really angry proceed to step 5, if not go back to the beginning of this step.
5) Ok, good, if you are here at step 5 you have one ticked of squirmy squid.  Now sit with it for another half hour to 45 minutes and carry it around the streets for a good 15 minute walk.

If you have completed this you are now really a part of our journey.  Of course Faith smells way better than a squid and is also very much cuter than any squid I've ever come across, this is more for the physical experience of what we had to deal with.


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  2. Sorry - pasted an excerpt from a paper I'm working on rather than my comment to you! haha! What I meant to say was I tried to find a squid, but was unable. So instead I took my 114 lb dog to the vet, sat there with him for 2 hours while other yummy smelling and tasting animals came and went. And I denied him from eating the cookies residing in my pocket. Still I don't think it compares to the squid! lol Much love!

  3. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying both of your posts, you are quite a team!! Of course, Allison's make me cry...your ability to put your innermost feelings and fears into words is inspiring. Know that everyone following your journey is riding the highs and lows with you. But what confirms you a great team is combining your words with Kevin's humor. Together, I'm laughing and crying at the same kids think I'm nuts! Take care and God're almost home!

  4. You two have an incredible way of sharing this journey with us. Your writing is amazing!! You guys should think about co-authoring some books.
    Your hearts are so real and so open and it is such a blessing to be able to travel with you via your blog.
    Allison~Your entry, "Profound Enlightment Today" was incredible. Our God is so amazing and so real and alive and He truly cares about every detail of our lives. What a testimony!!!!

  5. Dear Allison & Kevin,
    Thanks for the recent blog! I agree Faith is much cuter than a squid. I can't wait to see the 3 of you when you come home! I continue to pray for you each day. God Bless.
    Father Joe

  6. Hi Allison, Kevin, and Faith (precious little squid),

    It's almost over and you'll be home before you know it but what memories you will treasure & build upon on your journey. I just love reading your blogs and "becoming" a part of your voyage of love.

    God has surely chosen the right family for Faith. 2Cor 9:8-10

    I'm sure Adam and Ian are anxious to have you all home. Of course they are probably enjoying their brief hiatus of not having to clean their rooms or do chores:)

    We continue to keep you all in our prayers each day and look forward to seeing you soon.

    Blessings and Love,
    Karen & Joe