Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sweating in Wuhan!

Ok, as always, link to the new pictures first.

This morning we took it easy, Allison took a bath with Faith - read her blog after this one if you haven't yet, it's way more well written and emotional and all that girly stuff than I could ever try to be....after breakfast we went for a walk to this cool area where there are shops and no motor vehicles at all allowed.  See pictures for a visual, since a picture paints a thousands words I'll say no more.

I'll tell ya, for a city lovingly nickna med the Furnace City (one of four in China and from what I hear the worst one) the AC in the hotel isn't so great!  It's flipping hot in here and I'm not great at Celcius but I figure if I put it as low as it goes I should be cold.  No such luck.

I think I need to change Faith's nickname from "Little One" to "Little Velcro One".  I should have gotten a stroller when I went to WalMart in Wuhan!  For a little one she gets heavy!  People who have been to China (Heather) told me I'd be stared at.  They were correct!  We got a lot of stares today on the walk.  A few folks tried to talk to us, that didn't go so well today as it did yesterday.  Oh well, a few smiles, a bow and all is good and we are on our way.

We also got to see split pants in use again today as a boy was using them today in the area with the shops (not sure what else to call it!).  If you look through the photos from above note the one of the big red building - China Citic Bank - that's where I had a bank account with 4,000 US in it for about 10 minutes, and I didn't even get a free toaster!

Ok, my arms are tired from carrying Faith so much today, hope she walks this afternoon!


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