Thursday, November 5, 2009


Wouldn't it be awesome if all orphans came with KidFax, you know like CarFax... you could get information like, was this kid ever in an accident.  Have they been mistreated, and/or taken in for lots of service.  Have they had all there tune ups (visit doctor regularly), and are they filled with the proper oils, fluids, etc (vaccinations).  How many miles do they have on them (aka when is there REAL birthday)?    Do they leak?  [Ours does lol - she's peed and puked - 2x - on me already :)  ]

Just a random thought for you to wake up to!!


  1. I just think it would be easier to fax the kids directly from China to the U.S.... Now that would be something! :)

  2. Adam used to ask if we could just FedEX or UPS her here LOL. Put some airholes in the box, she'd be good to go !! LOL
    OH and I know no one will believe this but this thought was actually MINE lol not Kevin... another sticking point to our marriage we share the same warped sense of humor!

  3. What can Brown do for you? - LOL