Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Email from CAWLI - the travel dates look GREAT!

Dear Allisona and Kevin,

Congratulation! We got your  visa appointment just now. It is Nov.9th,
9:00am, this is perfect date for  your family, you can travel with the
group. Please see attachment and read  it carefully.

Now we can issue your tickets and arrange all your travel  in China.I
will let Lily from FET issue your international tickets this  afternoon
and she will send your international travel itinerary to you  very soon.
Due to the china and US holiday, I will send your final  itinerary until
next Tue. The travel quote will give you on travel  meeting.

Our travel meeting is on Oct.15th at 1:00--3:00pm.

Have  any question don't hesitated to contact me.

It's rain day, but it  should be a very nice day for your  family.



Well, our travel Visa's are still good!  Allison had a bit of a panic attack thinking they may be expired and that would have been another $300+!  They are good until next year.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Well, we never thought the day would come but it is close! We will believe it 100% when we actually board the plane on October 29th for China but that is the scheduled departure date to go get Faith FengHua!

You can follow our journey here!