Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ok, I'm too much of a softy!

I have learned tonight I can't pick up Faith (AKA "Little One") ever time she cries.  She's currently standing by my chair with her arm on it but she isn't screaming so it's good.  Allison just gave her a bath and she had a blast!  Now they are playing play-doh together.  Faith needs to realize soon that it is her mother that knows to bring these things for her to do, it's her mother that brought us both her to get her, Dad's along for the ride.

On a totally different note if you ever want to do anything crazy and totally daring forget sky diving, forget bungee jumping, instead travel to China and hop in a cab for a ride around the city.  All cars here have blinkers but they are more like that little tray that doesn't fit anything near the cup holders, nobody uses them.  They have rear view mirrors too but those are more decoration as well.  Lane markers, they are meant to be ignored as well.  But what is amazing is everyone cuts everyone off, everyone drives crazy but nobody gets angry, it's an accepted part of the adventure.  Surprisingly I feel very safe, Allison - not so much.

Will be Skyping with Ian Adam and my mom and dad soon!  Looking forward to that.  Hmm, Faith just came back to watch me type...Allison's still playing with Play-Doh.  Never mind Faith just went back to play with her....does everyone like the play by play???

Faith and I took a nice nap today after lunch.  We gotta get out of this swanky place, lunch isn't cheap but there isn't much else around here we trust.  I've been eating pasta a lot, Faith eats congee a lot...apparently congee is some kind of watery rice dish. 

Well, I think that's enough for now, I feel I'm rambling!


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  1. OH and before anyone starts to think we've started tough love on the poor orphan lol -- we are just working on the behavior that mimics the foster family ie: running to dad when rejecting or avoiding mom. PLEASE be rest assured she is hugged and loved to overflowing!! This is a crocodile filled learned behavior that she adapted as a survival mechanism to probably receive much needed love and attention, in what we are discovering was a very BUSY and full foster home. It appears in addition to a biological son, there was a deaf boy (a little younger than Faith), and at least 2 infants. The other deaf child, and I believe on of the infants was also in the process of being adopted. We can tell from her hoarding behavior that she was definitely not alone in this home. We are grateful for this kind man for lavishing his love on her, because of him she knows how to love. Our job is just to assure its channeled properly for her own well-being, and that of our entire family. Seeing her transformation when we started to implement this one small change, was amazing!! She was calmer, warmer and more loving - less clingy and afraid. Lastly, as you know by now, all our actions are covered in prayer, and under the invoked guise of the mighty Holy Spirit!! HIs Grace is sufficient, and his POWER made perfect in my (our) weakness!