Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Split pants

Faith is completely potty trained (YES God's plans are truly good!) ... though what she is having to learn is how to use a western style toilet.  Here in China they have what I refer to as 'Squat Pots' its probably their official name lol but to me it just is the best description of these strange things!  They are porcelain bowls in the floor of the stall, with 2 ridged landings for your feet, and yep you guessed it , you just SQUAT over it and do you business!!  Attempting here to not cross the TMI line -- I have to say, most woman squat anyway, and I have to say not having a big cumbersome toilet in the way was kind of refreshing -- course I was only doing #1, I will explode before trying the other ... ok enough of that as that line may be blurring here!!

You rarely (ok pretty much never) find toilet paper - its a bring your own system (at least that's what I'm hoping -- cause the alterative is just icky!!!  I am making an educating inference when our guide handed me a square for FengHua when the orphanage caretaker took her potty at the Adoption Center).  They also don't have SOAP DISPENSERS at their sinks!!  Thank  goodness for hand sanitizer (aka magic soap!!). 

Aside from navigating this big potty, she also now has to learn how to pull down her pants, its not that the caregivers did it for her,there was NO NEED, in China little children wear split pants!!  And Yes that is exactly what it sounds like , there is a rather LARGE split right down the crotch of the pants- no velcro, no button, no zipper ... open, ALWAYS open!! and no wiping (seriously lol).   How does that work in the winter?? Your guess is as good as ours, they had her BUNDLED in 2 layers of pants (so yes now we have 2 pairs of split pants for exhibition!)  Kevin was concerned of their usefulness to say, go sledding!!

She's doing remarkably well with the potty, she hasn't yet learned to tell us when she needs to go , just dutifully holds it until we remember - or she holds on to her bottom when she has to do #2, which is cute -- well its only CUTE THAT its not split pants.  I don't need to be handed any surprises :)))  On that note - I'm off to get lunch!!

Love, Allison (ok how many of you thought it was KEVIN's post!!!)

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  1. So nice to read a LAUGH-OUT-LOUD blog! Yesterday's was a misty eye read empathizing w/ your heartache. Today was truly hilarious! Split pants ... what an invention! And, yes I remember those squat pots w/ the resounding thought of EEEEWWWW! And why would they need toilet paper if they don't have toilets?!
    Dave, Joanne & Megan