Thursday, October 22, 2009

One week to go!

Well, the trip is one week away. In seven days we head to China and in nine days we get to finally meet Faith! It's starting to be all I think about and I am very excited to go! At adoration (during Lift) on Tuesday night it was all I could pray about.
I prayed to tell God I was too weak to do this, God assured me He will be the strength.
I prayed to tell God I was not worthy to be chosen to do this, He told me that only through Him can I be worthy.
I prayed to ask God to help me every step of the way, He assured me He would.

After adoration I felt very confident that what we are doing is from God and through God, not ME, there is no ME here, it has to be all God. There is no other way this is possible. God has granted me the peace I need to accomplish this. I trust He will be with me in the plane as I fly to China, I trust he will give me the patience and trust when we finally get to meet Faith. I trust in His love and guidance for the trip ahead.
PEACE!  Kevin G.