Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cost Breakdown

We received a cost breakdown today as well - not sure how you can put any price on the priceless life of a child but figured this could be posted here to just help others who are discerning adoption from China!

Home Study Fee  $2050    4/2/2008
Admin Fee          $3400    10/27/2008
China Center for
Adoption Affairs  $1050    10/27/2008
Travel Fee          $6039    10/15/2009
Chinese & US
Govnmt Fees       $7000    11/2/2009

Total                 $19,539

This doesn't cover the donation to the orphanage or other fees such as purchasing a Visa, Passport and many other costs that we can't remember at the moment!
Well we got an itenerary today and had to dole out a bit more cash!
10/30     Arrive Bejing     UA851 15:25
                                   The President Hotel

10/31     Bejing Sightseeing     Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Great Wall

11/01     Depart Bejing for    MU2452 11:45/13:35
             Wuhan by air         Wuhan Marco Polo Hotel

11/02     Adoption process     Meet FAITH!!!!  Doctor to examine kids
             full day with guide

11/03     Adoption process     Notary
             full day with guide

11/04     Free    may go to zoo
11/05     Free

11/06     Morning free, afternoon     China Southern Airline CZ6590 20:30/22:00
             receive passport depart     White Swan Hotal
             Wuhan for Guangzhou

11/07     Visa physical for Faith

11/08     Free day

11/09     Visa interview      9 or 9:30am US Consulate in Guangzhou

11/10     Free
11/11     Free

11/12     Oath and Visa

11/13     Leave Guangzhou for HKG     KA783 9:50am
             Connecting flight home         UA862 12:50pm

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Travel meeting

Tomorrow afternoon we have our travel meeting and we also should get our itinerary then as well.  It's coming up fast!

And just as an aside, if you ever need passport photos we recommend CVS, they are cheap and easy, taking them yourselves is just too much of an adventure!