Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

It was Faith's second Christmas in America and as a Gingras and what a difference a year makes!  She knows so many signs and is so comfortable around our family and friends that it doesn't cease to amaze us!  She is now an integral part of our Christmas traditions! We did so much with her this year!

  • A trip to Edaville Railroad.  She loved the train ride and signs train now every time she see's a picture of one.  
  • Visited Jordan's Furniture to see the Enchanted Village and LITE show.  She loved the fake snow!
  • Went bowling again, Faith seems to really like bowling!
  • Went to see Festival of Lights and walk around there and say hello to Santa Clause.
  • Saw the Heritage Plantation lights and rode the merry go round.
  • Went to the Christmas Store on RT 18.
  • She loves signing tree now too!  Trying to get her to add the Christmas sign in front of it.
  • Sadly the snow is just a bit too much for her still but soon!  She seems to really want to go play in it.
I loved watching my dad play chase around the kitchen table with her on Christmas day!

Another very cool thing was going to the signed Mass in Hopkinton with Fr. Shaun Carey (a deaf priest) the Sunday after Christmas and signing with people we met afterwards.  It really taught me that I need to have a New Years Resolution of getting much better at practicing and learning sign language for her if I want to communicate with her as she progresses.  I can't always have Allison around to translate!

This year I need to reflect on how blessed we are that God chose us to do this and how blessed we are with family and friends who have been so supportive to date.  Blessed that Faith FengHua Gingras is so well adjusted and how easy a transition it was for us and for her.

Peace - Kevin G.