Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

As Kevin alluded our trip home was eventful - 26 hours of events to be exact!  We rose nice and early, without an alarm, hmmm think we were eager to get back!!  We had our last made for us breakfast buffet!  I never did venture off from the french toast, fresh fruit, and bacon ritual -- they don't differeniate meals in China - for breakfast they eat the same as for every other meal -- noodles, dim sum (oh I did have a few of those, yummy), potstickers, to name a few things I know the names of!  We checked out, paid for our $10 bottle of water (I only had one the first night before I could find the 7-11).  Then onto the bus, with a prayer over our luggage (as I did ALL MY Christmas shopping, and REALLY wanted it all to make it back so I wouldn't have to shop again !!).

The airports have been such an adventure -- picture this... Each of us with a very heavy backpack, I had a passport holder across my shoulder (learned after our trip in to have those MUCH more readily available and together), then I had a small bag with snacks for Faith (her foster mom had given her a nice assortment from Walmart of favorite crackers and jello shots), then a had a BIG shopping bag filled with all those souveneirs I'd be devasted if lost - like the 12 years of silk outfits I bought her! Then I also was carrying her backpack, and Kevin had, well HER LOL!!  So we were heavily laddened to say the least! My shoulders will never be the same -- note to self -- Chiropractor next week!!

Anyway, at every check point - in China there seems to be a few more than here -- they have health checks (in Beijing we had to walk through heat sensors to make sure we had no fevers!!), at least you get to keep your shoes on that makes live easier, and there are so many people, they have what feels like 10 x more people to serve you, so lines fly!  NOT SO much when we got to San Francisco, esp. Security - though still faster than our wait in Orlando 3 years ago when we were there at Christmas!!  BUT I every check point we had to unhook all these bags and backpacks, I was striped of my very small hand santizer in China, which really sent me over the edge , as many of you know I"M A germaphobe big time!!  Luckily our new friends gave me a replacement .. somehow their's made it through.  Funny, how much more diligent I was about fighting the germ warfare!!  No more quarantine worries, though being sick would not be good either .. but again I digress.

Our first plane right to Hong Kong was great!  Faith fell asleep taxiing to take off, and slept the entire hour!  Our next flight was 10 1/2 hours from Hong Kong to San Fran ... as Kevin mentioned it was bumpy , at least for the first 2 hours!!  Happily one of those hours was 3 oclock, the divine mercy hour, so I felt so protected - not to mention we had 2 other very prayerful families on the trip with us, and I knew they were praying right along with us!! Where 2 or more are gathered in My name...  One of them also had holy water from Fatima on her, so that was great to bless ourselves ... God knew that trip would be a holy water blessing type of flight!!  Faith was not as pleasant as she had been to HK, one she was awake!  She was a major stinker to me until she did finally fall asleep.  I am not sure if it was because she wanted to play and some attention and I was trying to sleep ( I mean I did give her attention BEFORE this nap thing).  I found myself getting so frustrated by our lack of communication , and the switch that goes off between fun playing and violent behavior - -its a hair trigger and without a place for timeout lol not fun.

When she finally dozed off, and I sat looking at that beautiful face, and pondered how much nearly 4 years what its been through -- abandoned at 9 months old, bonds already formed, then put in a foster home with many children coming and going through 3 years, she hoards thing so she's obviously had to fight for what she needed, now without any way of explaining her life is upside down again - as the tears rolled , I prayed - Lord, Heal this relationship between us, guide me in your holy Spirit to mother her according to what SHE needs and not what I want or dreamt - again God gently reminded me this isn't about me. It is about his plan for Faith's life, and we just get to be the blessed vehicle who is allowing Him to work through us!!  Once again, without deserving it, God had heard and answered, the next flight was magical -- a complete 180!!  A wonderfully sweet young woman changed seats with me so instead of being across the aisle (middle seat) I as able to sit with Kevin and Faith.. GOD Bless that young woman!!

Faith and I had a blast, as Kevin slept --we colored, she discovered stickers - putting them on her face and onto the paper, then back onto her face, she was cracking me up!! We played the hand-stacking game, and she let me tickle and kiss her, we shared a snack, and ventured into the 2 x 2 airport potty together (without her melting down out of the sight of Daddy).  IT was amazing, I just beamed as she held my hand, and all the people flooding to the potty (we were right next to it)  smiled at my daughter, congratulating me  -- LIKE I had anything to do with her beauty, or winning smile!!  I was just honored to call her mine!!  Faith finally feel asleep, and this time, rested her head on my arm!!  Thank you Jesus for the blessing of that flight -- even when it got so bumpy I thought we'd fall out of the sky!!  Again, the bumps came during the divine mercy hour - and I could hear God speaking to my heart, "I will bring to completion the Good work I have begun," giving me confidence, that although the current ride (both real and figurative) was very unsure and unsteady - HE was in control, and we were safely in His hands!!

Oh lunch is here.. Wendy's.. ah been dreaming of this spicy Chicken sandwich. will have to finish in a bit!!


  1. WELCOME BACK! Glad you made it home safe and sound! Dave was going to send you a welcome home cell phone text, but #1 daughter deleted his phone book! OOPS! I'm jealous of your short, uneventful trip to the teeny, tiny airplane bathroom. We had to change a loaded, drippy diarrhea diaper on a squirmy, wormy 7 month old through the worst turbulence either of us have ever experienced. Equate it to trying to perform the same task while riding a loop-de-loop roller coaster at top speed and not letting your baby do a free fall! How's the jet lag? Bet the boys were happy to see you! How's the sibling adjustment going? Good for you laying low for a week ... you need it!
    Joanne, Dave and Megan

  2. Joanne, more than ONCE I looked around me at all these babies, with all their needs, and thought GOD IS SO smart to send me a 3 year old!!! HE knows me soooo well!!! Making bottles on the plane, after your water is confiscated!! Changing poopy diapers on airport floors, they were really my heroes watching them care for their beautiful new daughters!

    The siblings are all doing well. She is a bit more attached to Adam then Ian, but is warming up very quickly to him as well!!

  3. i got teary eyed reading all that... sniff...

    i would argue that you did have something to do with her beautiful smile, because even if she doesn't logically understand what is going on, God has put it in her heart that she knows in there a better life is hers now