Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last batch of photos from China

Well, that's it my last batch of photos from China!  Bet you were getting sick of looking at them, I know I was getting sick of taking them!  Can't wait until this time tomorrow plus a couple of hours - we will be on the ground in Boston!

Oh, and a funny side story speaking of planes.  That snowstorm in Beijing that delayed us an hour and was a total nightmare for our friends going to other provinces, remember that post a while back?  Well, apparently it was induced by silver nitrate they flew into the clouds.  Lovely no?  Oh well, we got lucky!

Also great news - we have her Visa and Passport IN HAND!  Thank God.

See you all in a little bit - but as Allison says we have to hang low at home with no visitors for her to adjust to her new home and her new brothers!


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