Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sweating in Guangzhou!

Ok, we are in Guangzhou still (actually to the end of the journey so maybe I won't tell you that so much anymore).  It's not the heat, it's the humidity!  It's warm.  Little one was asleep so I just went for a stroll to the park area.  Awesome place this Guangzhou!  All over the park area there are brides and grooms getting photo's taken.  I took one myself :) and if I don't have anymore Picasa snafu's you might get to see it.  You won't get to see last nights cheesburger I had because I accidently deleted those photos from late yesterday and last night.  Oops.  Stupid Picasa!

We went to a local 7-Eleven today and grabbed some water, that's a big commodity around here - water.  And much to my delight they have canned SPAM there at the 7-Eleven so if I can't find anything else tasty to eat I could go snag a can of SPAM and dig in!  I took some pictures of that too.  I wonder how many outher tourists take a picture of a can of SPAM.  Based on the look I got from the man behind the counter - not many.

You can't walk around here much without a sales pitch from somebody in a store but that's ok, they are very nice about it.  They all try to push squeaky shoes for your kids.  Tell you what, I dislike squeky shoes a lot.  Noisesome things they are that's what.  And since they don't have much effect on Faith I hope we can avoid them!

Hotel is gorgeous, more pictures of that coming up later as well provided I don't mess up in Picasa!

I also have to say that wifey-pants has amazed me with her patience and trust in God with her and Faith bonding.  I got lucky, for me it was right away, for her it hasn't been easy but it is getting better but she never has given up hope, I'd have just said forget it, and be off to the pool or whatever, not Allison, through prayer, patience and love she has been slowly taking down the wall that is between her and Faith.  It's been a learning experience for me to watch this as it all unfolds, Allison has taught me much in this, much in the way of patience, love and understanding.  Much in compassion.  I'm not saying she hasn't let it get her down, or frustrated but she quickly picks up and goes back at it!

Ok, signing off from the hotel room before the sap runs too thick!

Love and Peace everyone!  KG

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  1. Oh hey wait a sec, just checked on line at Picasa and alis good the photos are still the! Of course there are a bunch called GuangzhouI but just look at the one with the most pictures, I'm trying to pull them back down to the laptop now.. PHEW!