Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oath Day

Tuesday in Guangzhou -- LONG but one of the best days YET in our trip!!  This morning at breakfast the big deal was letting daddy finally go get his own breakfast, up to now I've been dutiful chinese wife, fetching his meal!  NO more of that ;)  she even watched him go out of sight, and then turned back to me and continued eating.  She is so funny eating, she picks up the food with her hand, and puts it ONTO the fork, then she eats off of that. We did buy her today a set of kids chopsticks and small spoon, like she'd be used to eating with, basically they put the plate up to their face and shovel in the food.  We haven't taken out this set yet, as its way too much fun watching her learn to use a fork.

After breakfast we hit the shops! OH that are magnificent.   You say, "best price," and suddenly they find wiggle room in that price.  I could have gotten a silk scarf today for 50 yuan, which is about $7 ...  I really didn't want it, but she thought I was bargaining!  I KNOW I should have just got it, had daisies on it, would have found some place to wear it, or give it as a gift.  I did finish my Christmas shopping today.. shhhh, don't tell my family , they are all getting gifts from China.  I just bought a kid, this is all I can afford LOL!!  NOW we really need to pray all my luggage gets home!!

After shopping it was time for lunch (see photos of dad and daughter sucking up noodles in our hotel room, mom had gourmet Ritz and Peanut butter crackers, yum!!).  Then we put her in the adorable purple WITH BUTTERFLIES of course, chinese cotton outfit for pictures with the rest of the adopted babies. There were 10 babies adopted on this trip.  They are an 8 yr old boy, 3 1/2 year old girl (who you all know very well), 3 1/2 yr old boy, 2 20 month old girls, and the rest are 10/11 month old babies.  All look so different, all absolutely ADORABLE!!!  We have tried to get pictures of each and every one of them!!
Trying to get them all to sit on this red couch, and not kill each other, or run away, and then LOOK at the camera -- OH it was hysterical watching the photographer try to get Faith's attention with a colorful bell.  We are trying to tell our guide to translate she's deaf - actually about 5 families at once said, she can't hear you LOL.  So he gets RIGHT up to her with the color bell bracelet, which then she assumes HE IS handing it over, and when he doesn't she starts pitching a fit.  OH yeah, it was great -- this right after she head butted our friend (we were RIGHT on top of each other for the picture)... OH and then there was the whole power struggle for the barretts to stay in, which will explain the 'LOVELY' messy do she ended up with in the professional pictures, so glad we get to pay for those lol!!  I was NOT relenting on letting her take them out, it became a game, and stubborn Portagee mom was determined to win!!   At this point I was thinking, she may not love me, BUT she will respect and obey me.  Yes, pick my battles, I understand, trust me, if you were here, you'd know, this was a pickable battle ...and lest there was no milk involved!!

After the photo escapade, we boarded a bus to the American Consulate to sign her VISA application, and to take an oath that the information we have given is true, and to promise to care for this child as our own, and as an American citizen. The first cool thing, was she sat on my lap the ENTIRE ride!! (She sat and 'read' a book with me this morning too!).  The next cool thing, was they had received at least a fax copy of her new passport so we were able to procede with the VISA application with our whole group.  The waiting room had toys ("OH joy", says the germophobic mom, "yippee" says the tired of corraling a squid dad).  After everyone was called to this little window to sign the papers, then we all stood and had our oath.  It was amazing, JUST as it was about to start, Faith, who had been wondering like a crazy woman, came right to Kevin to be picked up - which he did, she even allowed me to touch her leg, while we raised our right hands and swore to be her loving, caring parents forever.  Yeah, not a dry EYE in the place!!  OH and the best part of all of it, was this was all taking place during the Divine Mercy hour of 3 p.m.!!  We love that one of the couples that God so graciously placed us with, is a praying outloud kind of folk!!  RIGHT before the processing began, the 4 of us held hands, and prayed out loud that her passport would not be an issue, and that all would be ok!!  Very cool moment, and of course, our good and GRACIOUS God faithfully granted us that prayer.  We were told it is in transite, and we now just pray its in our guides hands by Thursday for that VISA to be attached!!!  *please pray with us for that!! thanks!!

When we returned to the hotel, to change for dinner, returning to our favorite restaurant, Lucy's.  Food is cheap, beer is cold -- and its all outdoors!! Its awesome!!  Dinner involved some more memorable moments... first, Kevin lifted his beer to toast our big day at the Consulate, and FAITH clanked his glass -- she totally knew what to do !!  We all roared, and then raised our glasses to her, which is obliged us with clanks all around!!  After dinner, the kids ran around, and for the first time, SHE JOINED in, even holding another 3 year old Karla's hand!!  They were skipping, and she was pulling poor Karla lol but for the most part, really enjoying the other kids, interacting.. it was another teary eyed moment for the adults who have been watching her slowly emerge from that silent chrysalis!   Praise you Lord Jesus Christ, for the blessings of this journey -- and the wonders who have allowed all of us to be witness too!!


  1. Hey Gingras!!
    It's been great to read your updates and really "watch" Faith "transform" before our very eyes. I have been praying fervently for you and will continue in firm confidence that God will and has been leading you by the hand. Allison, I have loved your deep and honest sharing and can't imagine the challenges you have been experiencing. But I'm relishing in reading the many opportunities in which God has also redeemed those challenging moments with amazing graces and kisses through Faith's transformation. I am confident the bonding will continue and only become stronger because our Heavenly Father's hand is upon this. May He surround you with His protection the remainder of this trip as well as for the journey back to the U.S.of A....yeah!!!!!! Love, Felly

  2. Hey Gingras Family!

    We are so happy for you, and it looks like you are having a great time in China! We hope that all is going well, and will pray for your safe return.
    The Doyles<3

  3. Praise Jesus!
    The tears are pouring down my checks... for the truimpth(sp)of this trip... your new little girl, the growing bond between the 2 of you, the growth in your marriage (it was already so tight, but it's amazing how Allison and Kevin you are like the puzzle peices you need to finish that puzzle... made to perfectly fit together), and most importantly how God has used this to reveil his love to you!