Monday, November 9, 2009

God's grace continue

This morning, Monday, we slept in for the first time.  We arrived at breakfast around 8:15ish, almost an hour later than we've done since leaving Massachusetts.  We were feeling pretty good about ourselves, nothing to do today but wait in our room from 9 to 11 for our guide to complete our Visa applications at the American Consulate.  We needed to be available in case they had questions or needed more paperwork.  We no sooner sat down for our breakfast, when someone mentions having the TB tests rechecked this morning.  Apparently, they were due to be read THIS MORNING, and our guide (who sadly is NOT as amazing as the last 2) , failed to mention this to Kevin or I!!  PANIC again lol.. this time not an attack but a mode so to speak!  I started rushing around the diningroom seeking out other families on our trip with older kids.  I bounced from table to table with the same discouraging stories about our guides lack of well GUIDANCE lol (I laugh now, this morning, um not so much!!)

FINALLY BY THE SHEER grace of God!!!  I run into the mom with the other 3 1/2 year old on the trip, she is in the hallway, as I was rushing now OUT Of the dining hall back up to my room to call this exact woman!  God totally rocks.  Anyway, I find out she was heading down to meet the man taking them over to the exam office at that VERY moment, I run BACK into the dining room (YES I'm loosing weight on this trip!!) grab Kevin and Faith, and rush them off to the meeting spot.  I sit back down and realize I HAVE THE MONEY in the sling we carry, and passports etc.  I RUN back down the hall, luckily Chinese like to do things at a slow pace!!  I am sure I was quite a spectacule running all over the place like the frantic American I was lol!

God is in control, and yet again, another emergency was diverted through his Good Grace and Mercy!!  I was so out of sorts after that I took advantage of the 2 hour room sabbatical for pray -- I definitely was in better condition than poor Kevin when he returned from yet another bout at the doctors with the angry squid, who this time had to be X-rayed! She had a false positive on her TB test because she'd be innoculated - yes IF you can figure out why they do that test, when they know she's been vaccinated for it, please let me know.  My uneducated guess, is they don't trust their own vaccines or the Orphanages record keeping!!  Anyway this time, in addition to squirmy girl, he was also dealing with upper 80s with LOTS of humidity!!  He is also losing weight, and looking rather HOT if I do say so myself :)))

We then napped together, WE are so going to miss these daily quite times and naps when we return home!  Especially Kevin, who has really mastered the fall asleep in a moment, in the middle of the day routine!!  He is usually out before his daughter, who will lie there very quiet and cute, but does tend to fight the actual act of sleeping, once out, she's OUT!! Nothing wakes her (I guess another plus of being deaf).  We went for a nice shopping trip after a brief paperwork meeting in the middle of the 11th floor !! That was fun :)) Faith run up and down the halls for 1/2 hour, letting me chase her, and catch her in my arms, and even submitted to a kiss or 2 on the cheek!  After the 1/2 hour I was now the sweaty one, sort of longing to be ignored ... SORT of , but NOT really!!  I LOVED every second of it... She's such a giggler!!

Then off shopping, when we got home it was time for milk and a snack. This is when we got another sign she is warming up to us, in particular this time to me!  I was giving her the juicy juice boxed milk we still have from Wuhan, and she was periodically pushing it away.  I went to give her one more sip, she LIKES to play games a lot, she is  MAJOR JOKER, more evidence is totally our kid!!  Anyway, this time, I could see BIG TIME mischief in her eyes, she puffed up her cheeks filled with milk, and BLEW IT out... however, she doesnt' realize mom is a trained preschool professional, and totally saw this coming, I put up my deflector shield (aka hand) and she wore the whole mouthful on her face!!!!  NO we have no pictures, we felt at that moment, discipline was far more the priority over memory catching lol.

So Faith had her first time out!!  One thing the Adoption Agency director told us was not to treat then like they are 'special' then you'll have a spoiled kid on your hands, do what you would to any child that age, who behaved that way.  It has been the best advice, because we are building bonds, but with respect and limits.  She sat there very obediently, allowed me to clean her up (with no scrunched fussy face I usually get when I go near her and she's mad), then she gave me a kiss, and copied my signing "sorry", she fully cooperated with me as I changed her clothes, gave me another kiss, and climbed into bed for nap. 

Kevin is beign a  meany waking her up now, so we can go for dinner, another American Chinese place (unlike our chinese american places at home lol) , loving the beer here!!  It is the safest thing I can find to drink lol .. and after this week I need a brewski :))))  Thanks again for the continued prayers... oh MORE GOOD news, Faith's passport is CORRECTED AND in transit back to Guangzhou.. HAPPY DAYS!!   God Bless.


  1. When Faith spit the milk everywhere I had to cover my face with the pillow...I was laughing very very very hard..

  2. Continued prayers for you all. Cant wait until you get back to USA. Miss you guys!

  3. Allison, you crack me up! The American who is running around frantically! Love the stories! Love the humor! You are always in our prayers! God is great as you well know! Can't wait to share Faith with Caroline! Big hugs from us! The Levy Family! P.S. Loved the time out story!

  4. I loved this story! I would have been w/ Kevin behind the pillow busting a gut!
    Baby steps! and lots of peace in the waiting...