Monday, November 9, 2009

Italian food in Guangzhou

There sure is.  Pretty good Italian food too.  I got the Pineapple Ham Pizza, Faith and Allison had spaghetti, you can see it in the pictures!

Then after dinner we planned to stroll the park with Jay, Mary, Bernie, Sylvia and families but the rain put an end to that!  We got wet on the way back to the White Swan!

Two wet kids!

Faith had to have an X-ray this am for the TB test.  They test her for TB but since she was vaccinated she shows positive since the vaccine worked so they make her have an X-ray - it's the American government that doesn't trust China vaccination records.  Silly stuff.

We are having some trouble with our invisible guide here, she's no Susan or Claire that's for sure but as a group of ten families we are doing ok.  At this point I can't wait to be home!  We did video AIM this morning with the boys and boy do I miss them now!  I need to beat Ian in a game of WarHawk and wrestle with AJ!!!

Enough for now, getting tired!

PEACE  -  Kevin G


  1. Hi:

    Pictures are great. She sure is a keeper. By the time you read this it will already be Tuesday and only three days until your all on your way home.

    Will keep praying that you will have a safe trip home.

    Love, Hugs, & Kisses,
    Auntie Anna and Uncle Eddie

  2. Thanks Auntie Anna and Uncle Eddie! Can't wait to be home!

  3. What a beautiful little girl God has chosen for you!!! Praying the next few days go quickly so the Gingras family can be altogether. Prayers for safe travels.
    The Delucas

  4. We can't wait for you all to come home either. What an amazing journey this has been not only for you but for all of us that are with you in spirit. May you continue to guided by the love of Christ in all things. Ps 103:11-18.

    Our continued prayers are with you all and the boys.

    See you soon,