Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last Day in Guangzhou

WE pray!  We have received an email from the adoption agency that they are VERY confident that Faith's VISA will be ready with the rest today!!   YEAH!!  We will know at 7 p.m. tonight, so keep those prayers coming!! 

We are laying low today, Faith and I both have yucky coughs, I had the doctor come check us out, and he said it was most likely the air quality that has made us sick (NO kidding doc!!), but that we'll both be fine!  We are taking Claritin and Alavert, and drinking lots of water.  He also advised we stay in the hotel A/C as much as possible today.  We went for another hectic elbow to get food breakfast lol, and then retired to our room.  This morning with Faith is going so well, she is starting to recognize play time vs getting ready time.  She is got the most mischievous smile lol , which we now recognize and can thwart certain behaviors before they escalate.  IT is amazing to us how quickly we have been able to learn her personality, and how the very vacuum we are forced to live in has been responsible for the bonding we have been able to achieve.

We also decided to remove ourselves from the larger group for the majority of the day, we sort of realized the irony of being called to coccoon at home, but yet here we are with other people and babies constantly.  Unlike Wuhan, when we were alone , and that too may be have been attributing to our more difficult day.  It is nice to have families in our same situation to share, and exchange notes with, but its better we retreat to regroup.  Which brings me to something Kevin and I were discussing this morning -- when we come home, though we CAN NOT wait to see everyone and to introduce Faith to everyone, we are asking everyone (family and friends alike) to give us a week to rest, acclimate to the time change and her new home, and to allow her to bond with the boys.  Thank you for you understanding, and respect of this wish -- although it may seem like a long time since we've all been waiting over 6 months to meet her, it will be the best for her in the end.  We will let everyone know when the visiting GREEN light is on!!   Thanks!!

I wanted to share my special morning with Faith , we spent over an hour 1/2 !!  Passing flashcards back and forth, I was signing the words when she'd look at me, but mostly she was just practicing her sharing, which she did so well with!  Then we brought out the crayons, to color in the flashcards, she once again was so calm, sweet and an excellent sharer!!   I am learning as much from her some days as she I.  A more relaxed atmosphere, definitely produces more advantageous exhanges between us.  We shared smiles, a few kisses, and made meaningful eye contact -- it was such a blessing!!  THIS entire episode was proceeded by Kevin and I praying the morning prayer and daily readings from the Magnificent.  ONCE again, the breakthroughs and blessings have come following time of prayer and thanksgiving to God.  As I reflect on the days behind us, and how many times this has happened, its more proof of HIS loving touch in this journey!!   And my belief that sometimes those rough patches were gentle reminders that we'd lost focus ... Worry about nothing, Pray about everything :)

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  1. It's flipping here! The flipping visa is all set so I'm adding a flipping comment to this to let you all know. Well, when I say it's here I mean the passport is all set to get it's visa stampy thingy put in it, we don't have it yet, it will be delivered to us by hand tonight around 7pm, then it really will be flipping here in our flipping hotel room.