Sunday, November 8, 2009

Way to go England!

Ok the pictures first again:

Just got an email that AJ's team England won the championship after going into double overtime and shootouts!  Those boys played some great soccer this year.  AJ got a goal in the semi final round but couldn't make the last game.  Ian and AJ are in Cambridge with Faith's Godparents Heather and Rich and they are having a great time!  Thanks Heather and Rich!!!

Had dinner at Lucy's again tonight but this time I went with the crunchy noodle thingy.  It was good.  Hope that was chicken in there.  Had a Guangzhou beer to wash it down.

This morning we went to this play area that was very cool.  Lot of the other families were there, it's amazing watching all the parents establishing relationships with their "little ones".  Faith had a blast - need to work on sharing but it's getting there!

It's 10:17pm here on Sunday, 9:17 MA time....I'll end with a photo...  PEACE!  KG

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