Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wonderful Day

It is hard to believe its only been a week since we arrived back home.  Its even harder to believe that its been only 2 weeks or so since we recieved Faith FengHua into our family.  As I drove to Adoration this afternoon, I was just struck with awe at how well she is doing adjusting to her new life.  Children's resilency is mindboggling sometimes.  The Grace that God has lavished on her, is so evident in her happy disposition, and overall acceptance of the new life she has been given.   She has met so many new people in the last few days - and we've been so impressed by how friendly - sincerely giving everyone a chance, no rejecting behavior we initially saw in Wuhan.  different from the little girl who spurned everyone but Kevin (and our adorable Chinese guide in Wuhan).

Today (well now this with be Saturday, which was a day ago, but I literally FELL asleep typing this last night - oh Jet Lag when will we part ways!!)  anyway, it was so much fun, I wanted to share ...
Faith slept in til almost 8 a.m. !!  There is hope yet we'll break her into our sleeping in habits yet (side note: its Sunday 7:30 and princess is STILL asleep and fyi in HER OWN bed!! yeah)!!  She had her usual breakfast of drinkable yogurt, bread, and fruit.  She was very cuddly with Momma this morning, which just warms my heart so much!  As you can well imagine, its amazing after our rocky start.  I am so grateful in the loving wise guidance of the Holy Spirit, providing us insights on building attachments that we'd never have known without Him.   Everyday she and I grow closer and closer, she seems to trust me to provide for her, but moreso to be a source of comfort and love.  I often wonder did she ever have this much attention, physical contact or language before?

After breakfast, I gave her a bath, we've moved into her bathing alone, but with lots of massages, tickles, and Mommy fun interaction - just warmer for me from the sidelines especially for my old body :)   At one point she laid on her belly, propped up her head on her right hand, and just lied there while I rubbed and massaged her back and legs, she is such the queen (as rightly she should be!).  Guess I am catching on to why she is starting to like me - I'd be pretty fond of someone who massaged me several times a day!   We moved to wearing underwear under her pull up, since they are always dry, it is time to give up that safety net - not at night for a while, nothing worse than being awaken in the middle of the night to change a wet kid, wet bed , and wet pjs :)  After our post bath tea party and dress up session (see pic of picassa), it was time to clean the house.

I thought she'd stay behind in her room to play, but nope, she not only wanted to shadow me, she seems to have a real interest in helping me clean -- maybe she figured we'd head back to the playing quicker if she helped :)   She vacuumed, so cute!!  After we finished the actually vacuuming of the room, I turned off the vacuum, thinking I'll outsmart the deaf kid, she'll never know the difference.  Think again Mom!! See she still has other senses, sharpened by the loss of the one -- so first she noticed the LIGHT on the sweeper was OFF, and next it was no longer vibrating her arm, she quickly went to work figuring out how to get it back on - -I believe it took less than 5 minutes!!   However, after figuring out how to turn it on she choose to just stand in the hall holding on the vacuum, but not moving it back and forth , just standing there.  I think proud of herself for figuring out how to turn it out she wanted to bask in her victory, but I guess had done enough cleaning!!

WE also put away the dishes, she was so funny handing me one dish at a time, and just beaming!!   It was nice to have someone down low to pick up the dishes, no bending required, perfect for the sore back (my body is so much older than the rest of me!)   Gaining in age from all the lifting and carrying of our darling cherub who has happily started to put a little meat on her own scrawny boned frame!!  She'll be up past that 15 percentile in no time!! 

Our lives are settling into the new normal, just remarkably faster than I ever expected.  Kevin has returned to work, and activities such as cub scouts with Adam.  I was able to return to my Thursday night  and Saturday afternoon Adoration times -- these are the things I missed the most!   That quiet contemplated time with the Lord, so crucial to continually growing my relationship with Jesus , sure I can pray at home, and KNOW He is always with me, but actually coming into the real presence, of shutting off the world, and giving God an hour or so undivided attention strengthens me for the rest of hours and days ahead!!   Kevin questioned the smoothness of the adjustment, sort of cautious to marvel in how easy it appears to have been or be.  My answer, besides the realization that we have many challenges ahead - I mean some day she WILL be a teenage girl!!  My response though today was to remind us both that this journey has been COVERED in prayer - and the prayers of God's people will not be ignored, there is power in prayer, and where 2 or more are gathered in His Name He will hear and answer... Thank you all our prayer warriors, every joy we share, we SHARE with each of you!! Every smile we are blessed to enjoy, we enjoy with you!   God bless, have an amazing Sunday -- as we venture to Church for the first time , please know you are ALL in our prayers!

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