Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things I'd love to know...

I'd love to know how Faith feels about her new family and life.  I would love to get into that beautiful little head and know what she is thinking and feeling.  On the outside, she seems pretty darn good!  It is just amazing, I know I say that in every blog, but truly it is!!   She has warmed up to every new visitor she has had, I believe going to each one who has extended their arms to her.  She's even cuddled a few of them, almost instinctively knowing that these strangers are now family. 

One of the first days back was very warm, so Kevin and I took her for a walk in her cool new stroller - it is a Jeep (like Kevin's car), and has a steering wheel - she was so funny driving all over her new town.  As the sun shone brightly, REALLY brightly compared to the muted smog filled world she came from, I couldn't help but wonder, what does she think of this big yellow orb thing that is making her squint, or warming her face.  I wondered what she thought of these tiny buildings, aka single family homes, something I am fairly sure she'd never seen before, and what about stripes of no houses or buildings at all - just trees as far as the eye can see.  Air you can breath, sun you can see, and crisp cool air - what was running through her mind at such things.

I was so worried about her being nearly 4 years old, and all the firsts we would miss.  A friend who had also adopted an older child, reminded me that there was still many firsts to come, that everything would be a first to us - first time sleeping in her own bed (check), first american holiday (we'll check than one off tomorrow), first time driving in a car with a seat belt ( check), first time peeing into a cup at the doctor's office (happily that was an easier check than expect).   We've loved watching her experience pizza (she eats it upside down, which avoids burning the roof of you mouth off, so we have decided that all those people who told us the girls from Wuhan were cleaver were right on!!).   Monday, she had her first trip to  Walmart  , although they have them in China, we doubt that she was ever brought there.  I did anticipate lots of grabbing and wanting , but she did great - no whining for things, she did reach out for everything we took off the shelves, but quicker caught on that it went in the cart, and would take them from us, and put them in the cart for us!!  She is a big helper - yes, she continues to help with the dishes, absolutely LIGHTS UP when we open the dishwasher!! 

Today, as I got her out of bed, and she cuddled right up into my arms, my ponder of the day was -- how many mornings was she cuddled awake.   How often was there someone there as soon as her eyes opened, and she made the first squeak of the morning.  I know there was no one there signing "Good Morning" and scooping her into there arms for morning squeezes, kisses, and tickles.  She just collapses against us, and spends the next hour trying to get back into our arms or on our laps for more cuddles, kisses and tickles.  How often did someone spend 10 to 15 minutes massaging or itching her back, just letting her lay against them feeling their breathing with hers, the warmth of a mother's love, and the strength of a dad's arms around you.  How often was she bathed with bubbles and toys, and played with until the water was cold, and then wrapped tight in a princess towel and cuddled dry.  And yet, when I hold her, when she lays her head lovingly against my chest, what I think is THANK YOU JESUS for this little girl, thank you for bringing her to ME, thank you for all the joy she brings me!!! 

So much to be thankful for , so much!!   Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends, family and supporters - may you be Blessed beyond Measure today and every day!! 


  1. Wendi in BridgewaterNovember 25, 2009 at 3:18 PM

    Kerry Campbell shared your story w/ me in a short e-mail just as you were leaving for China. I've been reading your blog ever since, although I haven't commented until now.

    Since it's Thanksgiving tomorrow, I wanted to take a moment and let you know that I'm so thankful you shared your amazing, frustrating, joyous, fearful, truly awesome journey through your words and photos.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your now slightly larger family!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to the Gingras family! Your friend was right ... you may not have been present when she did things for the first time, but the first time you see her do "it", it's the first time and it's the memory of that "first" that you'll hold in your heart. Six years later, we're still experiencing first moments and continue to feel extremely blessed and thankful that God's hand brought us together as a family. The pizza story reminded us that Megan used to eat it upside down, too! We weren't sure if it was because it was too hot to eat cheese side up, or if her bottom teeth/jaw were stronger than the top and more able to bite through the cheese & sauce to the crust. Do you think we could have some Faith fairy dust to sprinkle over Megan when we need her to help pick up her messes?! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! :-)
    Joanne, Dave and Megan

  3. I now have to strategically plan when I'm going to read these blog updates. Because I am always in hysterical happy tears by the end. Kinda weird at work once. :-D