Friday, November 20, 2009

Attached well!

Faith now cries when Allison leaves so they are bonded.  Allison has a new shadow now and I think even prefers Allison over me.  Ian and Faith have bonded as well so that's fantastic!

We are still working on her hitting and touching everything even after we sign NO to her several times.  She waits to touch it when she thinks we aren't looking!  Faith knows what "time out" is already! 

On the jet lag front, I got home from work yesterday and took a nap for 1/2 hour and then was ready for a night of Cub Scouts with AJ.  I then was able to get to bed about 9:30-10 after putting Faith to bed and reading on the couch upstairs with AJ.  I was able to sleep through the night after waking up only a couple of times but was able to fall back asleep!  Slept until 5:20 this morning so I'm not dogging it like I was yesterday.  I won't say I have beaten jet lag yet but last night was good!

Still praying that all the other families that adopted are doing great also!


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  1. Still praying for you guys--oh and for your fellow adopting families!!! Thank you for having this blog, it's been amazing to read along!

    :) God bless all of you!