Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello from China~

Well, we are finally here, it's been a long journey but I type this from Beijing China!  I had to use MEDITECH's VPN to get in because China blocks Facebook and Blogs but I'm sneaky!  We are at the Presidential Hotel.

Plane ride was long.  Wish I found out the headrests move up prior to landing in Beijing!  We have met some other couples here as well, they are all AWESOME!  Went to some mall thing with the guys we met last night, that was funny seeing us try and talk to folks there!

Today we are off to the Great Wall of China and also to the Forbidden City.  Looking forward to that!  Tomorrow we MIGHT actually get to meet Faith!

Gotta go!!!  Kevin


  1. Im so excited for you and Allison. What journey you two have been on to get where you are today. I look forward to reading your posts and updates. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Jen

  2. Reading your post brings back memories! Enjoy that amazing country and the culture your daughter will hold in her heart forever. I'm glad you made the plane ride ok ... see, it's not so bad! :) Praying for you.

  3. I got chills reading your post. You are so close to having your daughter in your arms forever! What a blessing! We look forward to following along with you on this amazing journey. We are reading the posts to the kids and boy does it bring back a lot of memories. It was 2 years ago November 10th that we met Hailan for the first time!!! Lots of love and prayers to you.

  4. Great Wall of China! Wow! Glad you arrived safely! I so hope you get to see Faith tomorrow! In our prayers and thoughts! Love from the States! xo Lorraine and family