Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blessings in the Waiting

If someone had told me 6 weeks ago that there'd be a blessing in that, I would have smiled politely at them, and said, "Thank you for the encouragement" but in my heart would be thinking, 'YEA Right!"  I am sure some of you reading this are thinking -- HEY I did say that to you.  Sorry, but I am sure you can understand my state of mind at that time!

As we stare down the wait with just 2 days left, I am amazed at what  a loving and caring God I serve.  In retrospect, it is obvious that this wait was absolutely necessary in our ability to follow God's plan for us.  During the wait, we were not only allowed opportunities to better our physical health, but also our spiritual health.  That had been my prayer - to be healthy before, during and after our trip - all 5 of us.  The notification of our delay came on the same day that I completed a novena to St. Therese praying for health for the 5 of us for our journey.  The extra time allowed Kevin and I to finish our Hepatitis A and B vaccinations and have the 6 weeks necessary to build antibodies to be safe from those diseases. It also gave us an chance to receive our seasonal flu shots, and get the boys vaccinated for both seasonal and H1N1 flus.

Our 20th anniversary came during this time, and we were able to spend a wonderful night together at dinner, and home alone to reflect on where God had brought us, and how we were looking forward to our next leg in the journey.  We had time to discuss things that may have later become obstacles to enjoying our travels and our new addition.  The sacrament of marriage provides extra grace, and this was an example of that sacrament in action - the extra GRACE is a much welcomed gift from God during this time in our lives.

We were also able to receive grace in the many blessings we have received from the amazing Catholic community that surrounds us.  I was able to attend at least 12 more Eucharistic adoration hours, where I could spend time quietly with my Lord, listening to his calming words of wisdom and love that He spoke to my heart.  Those quiet assurances that He has only my best interest in mind, and that He will be with us for the entire Journey, that HE never leaves nor forsakes us.  Kevin and I were able to attend LIFT together, and see Matt Maher (MY favorite Christian artist) live!! Yeah.. and again share in the grace of Adoration!

We received public blessings by our Emmaus and  St. Thomas Aquinas families, our bible studies, and our dear friends who all prayed over us or with us  -- providing us more strength for the journey.  There is nothing like being covered in prayer for the work God has called you to.   I was available to attend the last Rosary Procession of the season at St. Thomas and to meet a very distant cousin, who also happens to be a priest and one that knows sign language to boot!!  What providence God provides in the work to which we are called.  This weekend I attended an amazing retreat, where the speakers spoke light to my fearful heart, and I was able to pray over a relic of Padre Pio for our little Faith.  I asked for his intercession that Faith may know that we are there to love and care for her, and to protect her against being scared.   Then I was blessed with the relic, by the sweetest Franciscan priest!!  I could feel this warmth fill my body, bringing me such peace and hope, that although not capable my faith will carry me through.

Many scripture verses have emerged in these 6 weeks -- 1 that I will take with me for the journey are; "Do not Fear, but Believe!"  I will also carry with me quotes from saints who I know are praying for us, and interceding to bring us strength and courage for the journey.   St. Bernadette's, "Jesus, I trust in YOU!";  St. Padre Pio's, "Do not Worry, worry is useless!  Instead Pray!"  

The wait has been long, but the fruit has been abundant.  Every day God proves that this is so such more than fulfilling a lifelong desire to have a daughter, or giving an orphan a home -- it is truly a journey of growing our faith.  Now we pack to prepare to begin the next phase of growing our little  Faith!!


  1. Gosh as I ponder this , there were still so many I didn't even mention - like this dear friend who prayed for us in every church she visited in Mexico, and then brought us home a rosewood cross. Or the rock I found in my mailbox that had a angel in it with the words, "Have Faith". I was able to complete 3 more jobs to help fund our trip (always good), and attend two speaking engagements to witness to Christ in the world. And I thought the time would be difficult!! Allison

  2. Allison and Kevin,
    I am so happy for both of you. You have waited
    so long and with much patience. God bless to
    both of you, your family and your new addition.
    Kelly R

  3. So excited for you guys! Safe travel!