Monday, February 22, 2010

Faith is Baptised!

Here are the photos!

Like the covenant of Marriage that made Allison and I one family on October 10, 1989 and the covenant of adoption that we took on to make Faith a part of our family in November of 09, another covenant was professed and celebrated on February 21, 2010 - that of Faith's Baptism and becoming part of the family of Christ.
It was a truly God inspired day.  Faith even gave the thumbs up after her baptismal bath!  It was an awesome day and we would like to thank all those involved that made it so special, I can't name you all by name - there are too many of you but you know who you are!
Thank you all so much!


  1. It was a wonderful day and a beautiful ceremony.


  2. It was an incredible day and a beautiful ceremony!

  3. It was indeed an amazing day, and beautiful ceremony!! We were so blessed to have Fr. Joseph Raeke to help us welcome Faith into her faith family with an unforgettable Mass and baptism! Her little thumbs up, her blessing her daddy with Fr. Joe, how many of our friends and family were able to be there, the perfect weather - given it was FEBRUARY!! The dress was so perfect!! We are hoping to have it altered as her First Communion dress when that day comes -- just add a tiara and veil :))) The cake I hear was delicious, sadly I did not get a piece but I thank Caroline Nobilini, who is already an amazing baker / decorator as a teen! I can't imagine what yummy things are to come from her!! I have her contact information should anyone find they are in need of a fantastic cake. Same for the caterer - Laurie Phillips-Cox, I LOVED not having to worry about food during the ceremony, I could focus on the sacrament, my family and the grace that was filling all our hearts!! Ian's photography was exceptional, Adam's serving always wonderful - so awesome we could all play a part in Faith's big day. We thank you all again for sharing our journey, and what I felt was the cumulation of that part of the story.