Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Anybody still read this thing?

Well, if you are Faith needed glasses.  On Feb 5th Allison took her to the eye doctor and they did some dilation thing and based on how light reflected in her eyes were able to determine she can't see very well close up!

That night and a trip to Lensecrafters later she has glasses now, rather thick lensed ones!


I honestly didn't think she could get any cuter but alas, they actually make her cuter!
She does well keeping them on since she can now see while wearing them.  They do need to be cleaned several times per but that's ok, at least she's pushing them back on her tiny nose!


  1. I love your writing of course I still check...

  2. Of course I'm still reading and enjoying it. She sure is a "cutie".



  3. i can honestly say that i haven't read this for a while but i read it today and btw Faith is just SOOOO cute:)

  4. keep it coming - i love it! Pat Santos