Monday, October 5, 2009

Well, we never thought the day would come but it is close! We will believe it 100% when we actually board the plane on October 29th for China but that is the scheduled departure date to go get Faith FengHua!

You can follow our journey here!


  1. I am so happy that the end or beginning is near. If you're in Bridgewater before you go, please stop by my house. I thought of you while on vacation in Mexico and got you something in a mission church we visited:) Roberta

  2. oh my goodness! was just asking someone the other day if they had heard anything about your journey. i am so happy for all of you. there is no blessing like a child. i am sure the Good Lord is watching over each and every one of you and will take good care of you on this journey. i hope i am fortunate enough to meet your little girl sooner rather than later. let me know if you need anything. -christine