Friday, December 4, 2009

Who knew I would ever have to do this!

Ok, so Faith is home and adjusting well.  All blood work came back normal so that was good.  Now to the bad.  We needed stool samples to check for any internal parasites.  On Monday Allison ran out for a quick errand.  Faith decide now was the time to provide said sample.

Of course I consider myself a guy with a tough stomach, I worked in a cemetery for 7+ years, I've gutted fish, I thought this whole stool thing would be a walk in the park.  No such luck!  After nearly tossing the lunch monkey trying to put it in the vial I called Allison.  God is good, she was near home and about to pull in the driveway.  Crisis avoided, I kept my lunch and Allison took care of it.

Stool sample take two.  Apparently they need another one two days later.  Well, ok, I'm at work so Allison will take care of it.  No such luck, Faith decided to hold her grunties and booms until I got home from work and also waited for Allison to head out for an event at St. Thomas.  This time it was AJ to the rescue!  He took care of it for me and I managed to hang on to dinner and lunch of Wednesday!

The things you have to go through! Humility was a gift well presented to me this week when I realized when it comes to "samples" I'm a big wussy.

I wasn't going to share this but figured we are sharing everything so this is indeed a part of the whole China adoption experience.

Thanks for taking part in this with us!

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